Our Response to COVID-19

Pilgrims response to COVID-19 is based on resilience and dynamic decision making. It enables our clients’ critical operations to continue, with their people and interests protected. Our own staff, suppliers and services remain effective 24/7 in the UK, USA, Africa, ME and Asia, even where clients’ rear parties are left in partly occupied sites.

In January 2020, we activated our Global Response Team (GRT) to deal with COVID-19 and to review service continuity plans. In 2021, the GRT continues to meet daily online, to ensure we, our suppliers, and our clients’ operations remain resilient to these uncertainties, adaptable, and with the information and communications needed for timely decision making.

We talk to Governments directly or through emergency communications groups. We continually assess how COVID-19 risks interact with the many other risks we manage.

Clients and Pilgrims staff: Integrated Response

At the beginning of the pandemic, we engaged our clients to ensure we followed their policies, and sent questionnaires to our staff to focus our plans; in these types of crises, planning needs constant information that is both high-level and granular. To minimise travel and maximise a flexible response, we mapped our client locations against the demographics of our suppliers, their reserves and our own staff, and identified those in WHO’s vulnerable categories. This protocol continues into 2021, with all continually briefed on monitoring their own and others’ health, backed by an auditable reporting procedure.

Our global operations control room management continues in coordination with our clients. It works with our Major Incident Teams (MIT) overseas, and each Pilgrims Country MD is a GRT member, coordinating responses and mapping the progression of the COVID-19 threat to our global portfolio. We track the various and constantly changing levels of testing and vaccinations in different countries from both an availability and a mandatory standpoint. Security is a critical business nationally as well as internationally.

Wherever we are, we continue managing the risks to our clients, suppliers and ourselves: all three partners deploy not only internationals, but considerable numbers of local nationals overseas; these in-country people have always done an amazing job against high-security threats in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Nigeria, and have continued to do so all through the pandemic of 2020 and into 2021.

All our Pilgrims local and international staff volunteered to continue in post when airport and other closures and restrictions were first predicted; all staff remain there now, supported by our protective measures.

Open for Business, Safely

All Pilgrims who can work from home are doing so, but, because we provide an essential service, our managers, security officers, field operatives and operations centres continue to service our clients and the communities we jointly serve. We are supremely conscious that because we actively protect people, buildings and critical assets, we present a COVID-19 threat to others, and others to us. We take stringent precautions, and nobody deploys without a critical reason, risk assessed and documented.

COVID-19 will be overcome by collaborative efforts between nations, institutions and peoples. Pilgrims follows suit with our clients and stakeholders. Pilgrims remains open for business in this or any emergency because that is our role. Open for business means open for communication: we are available 24/7.

Assessing the threat to your people, property, or technology

Threats to your business can come in many different forms and from many different quarters. We understand this diversity, and can develop multi-faceted plans to protect what is important to you.

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