Operational Consultancy – Investigations

Utilising a broad combination of investigative techniques, including electronic support measures and forensics, Pilgrims is retained by many clients to undertake a wide variety of investigations, from suspicions of fraud or theft of sensitive information, to asset tracing and covert surveillance.

Safeguarding intellectual property has become increasingly important and demanding in an era of globalisation and mass communication. Pilgrims provides a range of services in this area. We can assist in cases of violation of patent, copyright and trademark law, as well as cases involving the theft of trade secrets and market intelligence. The increasing strength of the grey market economy has led to a rise in anti-competitive activities, and Pilgrims can investigate such activities, as well as instances of product diversion.

The process of due diligence is becoming more complex and more important. Companies, banks and private equity/venture firms turn to Pilgrims to allay concerns and run down hard-to-find information. We also help to ensure that a company’s operations comply with the laws and regulations of local jurisdictions, as well as with its own compliance rules and code of ethics.

An important investigative service provided by Pilgrims is to assist clients in hiring key managers or to provide clients with accurate information concerning the background and reputation of senior management of newly acquired businesses. In these situations, companies too often rely on cursory checks of resume or curriculum vitae information, or on brief reference checks carried out by phone. We are able to discreetly investigate a subject’s background in order to provide the complete picture.

The need for pre-employment screening is not necessarily confined to senior management. The security implications of the use of external contractors and consultants are often overlooked. From IT consultants to cleaners, the effective vetting of these individuals can greatly reduce your risk, and Pilgrims can assess and review your contract and permanent staff against a variety of international security database and systems.

Assessing the threat to your people, property, or technology

Threats to your business can come in many different forms and from many different quarters. We understand this diversity, and can develop multi-faceted plans to protect what is important to you.

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