Operational Consultancy – Media Support

Print and broadcast media operate in the most dangerous regions in the world and face threats that include war, terrorism, criminality and kidnap, as well as the more general risks that come from living and working in underdeveloped countries, failing states and post-disaster environments.

Pilgrims Group has been providing operational support to the media around the world for nearly a decade to help mitigate these threats and risks. We have operated in countries ranging from Iraq to Haiti and from Russia to South Africa for the largest media networks in the world. Our consultants and advisers, who have significant experience of helping to facilitate safe and secure news-gathering and film-making, work with media teams to ensure that journalists and production staff can operate safely and securely. The wide-ranging support available includes the provision of:

  • single security advisers
  • facilitators and logistic coordination
  • medical support
  • close protection teams
  • armed protection teams for very high-risk environments
  • local guards, drivers and other security personnel
  • local intelligence and information support
  • security surveys and audits of overseas bureaux
  • implementation of security plans at high-risk locations.

As well as providing direct support when deployed, Pilgrims helps to prepare personnel to work in difficult and demanding environments through our programme of hostile environments courses and through the provision of security equipment.

Assessing the threat to your people, property, or technology

Threats to your business can come in many different forms and from many different quarters. We understand this diversity, and can develop multi-faceted plans to protect what is important to you.

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