Corporate Training – CONDO

The responsibility for ensuring that all MoD contractors have undergone pre-deployment training now rests with you, the contractor. This is a heavy responsibility.

The risks inherent in working in a hostile environment are potentially serious for both your employees and your organisation.

Living and working with the British military in some of the most dangerous regions in the world requires a level of understanding, preparation and pre-deployment training that only the very best can provide. You want to be confident that any training you receive is more than fulfilling your contractual obligation; you want it to enhance your operational capability and give your people the confidence and knowledge to work safely and effectively.

Our CONDO instructors have extensive experience of delivering training to the corporate sector, whilst their own military backgrounds give them a clear perspective on those areas in which clients will be trained.

Our training programmes naturally fulfill all MoD requirements, but courses can also be tailored to meet your specific needs. Training can be delivered at facilities in the UK, USA, Qatar, Jordan, or at any location throughout the world to suit you. Training can also be given in theatre.

Assessing the threat to your people, property, or technology

Threats to your business can come in many different forms and from many different quarters. We understand this diversity, and can develop multi-faceted plans to protect what is important to you.

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