Improving staff awareness and safety​

We provide solutions that can be accessed easily which improve

safety without impacting your finances.​




Using our expertise of operating in many difficult environments we have developed a wide selection of

multi award-winning online courses to suit the needs or your organization and your people.

Learners can gain access easily via any internet device whenever it suits them.​

Our modules include medical, travel awareness, conflict management, responding to terror incidents,

dealing with violent crime, avoiding kidnap, driver safety and trauma medicine.  All are succinct and engaging

providing a balance between the necessary theory and how to apply that knowledge practically. ​

They demonstrate the same techniques and skills which are used by our teams globally to remain safe and

avoid trouble and are highly effective in building the required understanding to help change behaviours.

Helping to make your staff more aware and better equipped to avoid trouble and respond o issues.​


“Pilgrims has extensive on-the-ground, in-depth understanding of security and safety, which gives us confidence in knowing what they teach is extremely relevant and current. TravelSafe™ has enabled us to meet our duty of care obligations in a cost-effective way and being only 45 mins and available online means the impact to our business in terms of time is very small. However, its effectiveness is already making a real difference to our staff in terms of their confidence and understanding of how to stay safe in this fast-changing world we now live in. This training is reshaping the way our employees deal with threats as they occur at home and overseas.”

Teresa - Senior Manager HR/Administration


“Our people are better prepared now and understand not just the risks they may encounter but more importantly what they can do to either avoid or minimise in terms of impact. This has enabled us to enter new territories with more confidence and fewer issues. It’s an extremely cost-effective way of training our staff and a very effective tool in terms of getting them to be more aware and more accountable for their own safety and security. We see this product as the basis of a very effective partnership with Pilgrims.”

Steve - Group Director of Safety and Security


“TravelSafe™ has been a key part of our corporate compliance and an essential element of our approach to Duty of Care in terms of staff safety. Our staff visit all parts of the world and making sure they are prepared and better equipped to deal with any risks or threats they may face is essential as we cannot be with them 24hrs a day. Staff are much more engaged, and feedback has been very positive. Pilgrims has squeezed an enormous amount of valuable safety skills within this 45-minute course”.

Rupert - Chief Operating Officer


“Their in-depth understanding of security and safety gave us the confidence that the course is relevant and current, the program supports our aim of improving staff safety across the organisation and is easily accessed by all. Pilgrims has managed to fit in a large amount of useful and relevant skills and knowledge into a very succinct course. It is a very easy module to follow, packed full of simple but key tips on what you can do to help your situation should you ever become caught up in a terror attack. It’s extremely effective and feedback has been very positive from all levels.”

Richard - Head of UK Security


“What they produced was amazing, it grabs your attention and is very effective. Very professional and truly a world class production which the partners and staff will be appreciating for a long time. So being able to provide something that will have such a significant impact in helping them stay safe and out of harm’s way is immensely rewarding. They totally exceeded my expectations. Thank you!!!”

Timothy - Managing Director, Global & US/Mexico Security Leader


“The online course material is laid out in such a way that makes it very easy for the user to work through. The modules seem to be set-up to take our busy schedules into consideration and allow for easy starts and stops to take care of work as it comes up and then starting right where you left off.”

Lori - Deputy Country Director


“Obviously, the best thing would be to never have to use the tips and suggestions, but without a doubt knowing them and having them always present is of great reassurance as it’s much easier to avoid trouble than having to respond to it first-hand. That’s the biggest thing I have taken away from this learning.”

Carlos – Commercial Manager

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