Improving staff awareness and safety​

We provide the understanding and guidance to help individuals plan more

effectively and improve decision making to avoid trouble and stay safer.​




Staff encountering issues overseas can be due to various reasons, however, on many occasions it is due to

inadequate preparation, lack of understanding, poor decision making and complacency. Providing them with the

right knowledge to improve safety and having the time to implement can be difficult.​

Our training methods are tried and tested. We embed the same expertise and knowledge that our teams

successfully utilise. This methodology has proved to be very effective in achieving a much

more aware and inherently safer individual who is better prepared and able to quickly adapt to change.

What sets our training apart is its effectiveness in providing the necessary life skills needed to avoid

and deal with difficult situations. Our focus is on prevention by implementing skills and techniques easily everyday,

thus creating a change in mindset that helps staff stay much safer.

Trusted Solutions


“The two-day training was such an eye-opening and mind-awakening experience. Even as seasoned journalists – we found ourselves with seemingly no solutions in the scenarios. But each exercise we built on the knowledge we had and what was missing, and we’d get wiser and wiser. Toward the end, we had the tools to really think and plan for hostile circumstances. The training was scary at times, realistic but also kind and educational. I really appreciated the time and felt all female journalists could learn from this valuable training. We all went home smarter, savvier, and certainly with a better understanding of hostile environments so we could come out of them safer.”

Sandy - News Specials & Producer


“The training was extremely helpful, I feel more confident now in my ability to de-escalate, use my head, and make decisions when facing a risky situation or scenario. I also learned that there might be risks or dangers I wouldn’t have thought of before my training – now I know how to properly make checklists, evaluate car and hotel safety, elaborate evacuation plans, among other things. I now have a better understanding as a woman of how to avoid the situations I really don’t want to be in. I know how to properly assess the risks and make sure we’re doing enough to keep everyone safe. This course made me think and reflect in ways that I have never imagined.”

Caterina - Producer


“Scenarios compelled us to think out of the box not about the biggest problems but the small things that we tend to not plan for. I feel a change in how I will now plan for a task. All the practical sessions are important because they made me think about planning and showed me how I react to difficult and shocking situations.”

Radhika - News Anchor


“For sure the best training I’ve ever done on anything, ever. Well planned, well run, interesting, fun, safe, informative, professional.”

Kirstin - Regional Manager


“Scenarios - very, very effective, especially when the women are separated at a vehicle checkpoint. More than any other it made me think, reconsider and be wiser when operating in challenging environments.”

Anne - Correspondent


“As a result of the course, my perception of hazardous and dangerous environments has changed, and I now feel that I will be more cognizant and cautious when dealing with such situations in the future. This exercise serves to awaken all five senses, resulting in clearer vision, sharper hearing, heightened attention, and greater sensitivity to one’s surroundings.”

Fatima - Reporter


“Scenarios are incredibly intense, but made you feel like you’re in a real situation. I learned a lot from my mistakes and I’m glad I’m not experiencing the scenarios for the first time in the field. I liked the post-training debriefs to pick apart what went right and what didn’t work. I enjoyed learning how to react and feel better prepared to react, escape and survive for if/when I encounter these situations. This was an incredible and intense two days of immersive training.”

Stephanie - News Producer


“Scenarios were fantastically executed, particularly the role-play and acting very useful in discovering how the mind and body react to stressful and intense situations. This was far more thorough than previous courses I have attended, providing the necessary skills and knowledge to keep us as safe as possible.”

Britt - Journalist


“I went in to train for hostile environments - I came out better prepared for working anywhere. The combination of pre-training with the guided computer interaction and tests and then the classwork combined with scenarios was an effective two days. We learned both how we’d react under extreme pressure with lives on the line - for me, how to breathe and take control of my own panic and adrenaline in an intense situation and work to solve it either solo or with my team - and how our colleagues would react.”

Simone - Executive Producer


“Even with years of experience, you NEED this training. Pilgrims prepares you far better than you think you need. Training can be the difference between life and death.”

Mitra - East Africa Regional Manager


“One of the key challenges we faced was to ensure our female colleagues had the opportunity to discuss and understand how to deal with the situations that they face in the Middle East. Pilgrims were very effective at how they covered this as we found from the feedback. All instructors and actors were exceptional. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with no negative reviews. In fact, attendees who had taken such classes before stated that the format Pilgrims provided was the best that they had experienced. We can honestly say our goal was achieved through Pilgrims’ training.”

Mark - Security Director


“Super smart because just when we started to get comfortable you switched it up which was really effective. A great way to spend two days, I feel better prepared to go into the field and better placed to deal with unforeseen challenges. Take this course if you are going in the field; the lessons learned can help save lives and the lives of your colleagues. Phenomenal training, easy to understand and very immersive. A must take for any woman.”

Cat -Executive Producer


“At first, I thought the e-learning wasn't helpful but then it turned out to be very useful. The scenarios got the planning strategies embedded in my mind. I found this course more informative. Extremely helpful and critical if you're going into a warzone or local US protest.”

Gio - Correspondent


“The scenarios were incredible; each task prompted our group to plan more efficiently each time. By the end of the second day, I felt much more prepared in the event I was placed in a challenging position, thank you.”

Larry - Director Broadcast Operations


“One of the best hazardous environment courses I have ever taken. I have covered conflict for over 30 years, and I still took away plenty from the course.”

Jim - Correspondent


“Last week’s HEAT class in Redhill was superb! It was the most effective training I have ever received. On the “actors” and other staff participating - their shockingly realistic role playing – never breaking character – was the critical difference. Please thank them for me. My pulse raced, my vision narrowed, and I made embarrassing mistakes that burned the best practices into my psyche. I am measurably more prepared to avoid harm and, if faced with a hostile situation or medical trauma, respond in a way that will save lives.”

Patrick - Vice President - Global Process & HSSE Global Operations


“The safety and security of our employees is paramount to our department. The training provided by Pilgrims provides a huge mitigation in our preparation and our employees feel that completing such a course better prepares them for meeting some of the challenges they may face. Many of the skills taught (first aid, situational/personal security) are life skills which benefit a delegate no matter where they are travelling whether on business or leisure. Pilgrims are a very receptive provider, and the course continually evolves meeting new threats in an ever-changing world.”

Kevin - Safety & Security Team Leader


“Our teams are now better prepared and therefore safer when they travel, which is good for the employee but also good for our business. Pilgrims’ highly engaging course is far and beyond what other companies offer. No one else does this. Pilgrims’ unique model is far more cost effective than the traditional training model. Pilgrims’ innovation is helping us deliver not just for audiences, but also for our staff. We’re proud to partner with Pilgrims.”

Jon - Managing Editor International

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