Whistleblowing Process

This guide explains how to report suspected wrongdoing at work. This could be fraud, health and safety risks, or environmental damage. For more details see our full Whistleblowing Policy.

Who can whistleblow?

Employees, workers, contractors, and even volunteers can whistle blow under this policy.

How to raise a concern?

  • Talk to your line manager, a more senior manager, or HR.
  • You can report orally or in writing, explaining the details and what action you expect.
  • You can bring a colleague or trade union representative for support.


The company will try to keep your identity confidential unless they need to disclose it to investigate.

Anonymous reporting

You can report anonymously through a hotline (0800 915 1571). While investigations might be harder, they will still be conducted.

What happens after you report?

  • The company will investigate your concern.
  • You will be informed of the outcome and next steps.
  • If unsatisfied, you can appeal to HR.


The company will not punish you for whistleblowing according to this policy. If you are retaliated against, report it to HR or use the grievance procedure.

External reporting

You can report to external bodies if you believe the company did not take proper action. Seek advice before whistleblowing to the media, as legal protections might not apply.

Further Guidance

Contact the whistleblowing charity Protect or Citizens Advice for confidential advice.

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